• Welcome to Clearvale SecondFloor
    Created by CSF Editor, Aug 17, 2010
    Updated by CSF Editor, Oct 12, 2010
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    Clearvale SecondFloor is a global consulting community that matches some of the best social thinkers and practitioners with businesses and partners that are innovating on the Clearvale network. Gain access to the great features below:

    Deal Flow—Clearvale SecondFloor will match Clearvale projects with local consultants who can provide onsite counsel and execution. CSF also has a program for partners who refer businesses to the Clearvale network.

    Training and Certification—CSF consultants will receive training and certification on Clearvale, as well as first looks at new features and programs.

    An Online Community—Consultants will receive free membership in a global, online network of Clearvale customers and consultants. The community is scheduled to launch August 18th, 2010.

    Event Series—CSF’s monthly series of events in Silicon Valley brings BroadVision technology and strategy experts together with consultants and customers to share knowledge, experiences and best practices.

    Be sure to sign up to join us and start the conversation if you haven't done so! We look forward to talking to you!