• QuickLogic's Journey to A New Way to Intranet
    Created by CSF Editor, Aug 3, 2011

    QuickLogic is a supplier of semiconductor solutions to handheld consumer device manufacturers. Like most global companies who have workforce located in different parts of the world, they have been facing the challenges of keeping communications consistent and thorough within the company. With a globally dispersed workforce, it recently became clear that the farther you moved from headquarters, the less connected people felt with the company; they were less likely to understand the company messaging or what direction the company was headed in. QuickLogic’s HR Director calls it the “tyranny of distance,’ and it became the inflection point that made them decide that they needed to do something, because conference calls and company-wide meetings that are archived somewhere on the internet were simply not working.


    QuickLogic wanted to change the way they communicated as a company instead of traditional way of  “one to many broadcasting”, they want to make everyone participate and very more involved and engaged so it’s “many to many conversation” and they needed to find the right tool to make that possible. They also wanted a tool that could address several other issues such as not having a centralized location for knowledge sharing and file storing, making sure marketing materials and other documents would be available via mobile access. QuickLogic decided they needed an enterprise social network, and they chose BroadVision’s Clearvale Enterprise.


    QuickLogic used Clearvale to create an enterprise social network for internal communication and collaboration. Called QuickHub, the network can be accessed and used by every employee in the company, over the cloud and via any computer, smartphone or tablet. Files can be uploaded and commented on, and discussions can be created, viewed and added to by all employees.


    Now employees feel more connected to each other and the organization as a whole, and they also feel as though they are making a valuable contribution to the company. Using Clearvale has also improved the way the company functions. QuickLogic noticed that many of the same types of issues were being raised by customers in different parts of the world. Using discussion forums, employees in the field can put issues into forums so people in other offices who have not had these problems before can read about these issues and be prepared to respond immediately. In the past, this process was done via email, which due to dealing with multiple times zones could sometimes take as long as 24 hours.


    Accomplished Goals:

    QuickLogic started the QuickHub project in March 2011 and it began with a small one-month pilot program to sales and marketing departments. But they saw immediate benefits and soon rolled it out to the entire company. “There was a definite increase in communication and familiarity throughout the company,” said the project lead marketing manager Paul Karazuba. “We have found the benefits to be immeasurable; our ability to communicate is so much better than it used to be.”


    Because of the ease of use and the obvious benefit from implementing the tool, they also see strong support from the executive team. The executive team has also been taken advantage of QuickLogic’s Clearvale network.


    “When we have steering committee meetings, all of the notes go on our network. We’re noticing that all of our executives are using Clearvale to read the meeting notes,” said Karazuba. “Rather than making a phone call or sending an email and waiting for a response, they’ll actually just jump right into that community, pull out the meeting notes, read what is happening and use that info to create their status updates. All of this saves time.”


    QuickLogic has had so much success with this internal network that they are already developing plans to expand into other areas, including:


    • Recruiting tool - an external community for prospective employees to comfortably ask questions and learn about the company in an anonymous environment


    • Partner network – a public domain for selling partners where they’ll have ready access to information they can use to better sell product.


    All these different types of networks whether it’s internal, external, private, public or semi-public can be set up in a timely fashion with very little IT involvement. Also, because of the unique capability of Clearvale social ecosystem which allows a company to set up as many networks as they want for different purposes but all live under one big roof, makes it easy to manage and scale as the company grows.