• Clearvale SecondFloor & LEGO -- "Building" Momentum
    Created by Yasean Lee, Sep 8, 2010
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    Get it? Ok I tried...

    So hot on the heels of our very successful CSF Charlene Li event, and in partnership with our new friends at Eastwick Communications, is our upcoming session with LEGO, scheduled for Wednesday, September 29. You probably saw the event info here and our press release from earlier last week detailing the event, but here are some highlights:

    -- Our speaker will be Tormod Askilsen, head of community development at LEGO
    -- The event will take place at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA

    Monster Chess

    There are a lot of reasons why this event is going to be relevant. First, we're continuing our CSF speaker series with something bigger and better for everyone involved -- especially you, our audience. Second, LEGO and Tormod are well-recognized for their innovation when it comes to online communities.

    And of course, LEGO is awesome. The venue is awesome, the event is going to be awesome, and we want to fill it with awesome people. We really appreciate everyone's support in helping us make these programs you're all invited to come join us for an engaging presentation and discussion at the museum.

    There isn't all that much time left -- the event is just a few weeks away! Our goal is to take what we did with the Charlene event and magnify that immensely. So we really encourage everyone who can make it to sign up today.

    To do so, please visit our new CSF site, and invite others to do the same!

    Did I mention there will be MONSTER CHESS????