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    Ramping up to SecondFloor’s second speaker event, The Building Blocks of New Enterprise, we spoke with LEGO Community Leader and the event’s guest speaker, Tormod Askildsen:

    What book are you reading?

    I am reading books all the time, mostly crime and fiction I must admit :-). I feel that my daily dialogue with great professionals inside and outside the company give so much stimuli that I don't need "professional" literature. Right now I'm enjoying a great book passed on to me from my wife; "Julie". It's a fiction story about two sisters who can trace their family history back to the Hemingway drama.

    The previous book was "LEGO - a Love Story" written by an American journalist. It’s a wonderful book about the LEGO AFOL (Adult fan of LEGO) community!


    Are there any blogs / sites you feel like you need to read every day?

    I enjoy Geekdad and Gizmodo a lot. And of course Brothers-Brick, an amazing LEGO fan blog.


    What are you watching (TV, movie, video podcast, etc.)?

    I love Topgear and some local Danish series - and sports! Especially winter sports.


    The LEGO community has been very engaging with its fans. Other than LEGO, what are you a fan of?

    Well - I have an old Volvo, had it for 30 years. A friend of mine put it up on his blog a couple of years ago :-).

    See Tormod’s car here.


    Space is limited and we’d love to see you there. For more info and to RSVP, please visit Clearvale SecondFloor.

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